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Lux Nova is your go-to video production company in Salt Lake City!

Video production is the art of telling a story through the creative combination of inspiration, passion, and the spirit of teamwork, along with ingenuity, technology and design. It is about capturing the essence of a moment in time. At Lux Nova, it is our mission to combine all these elements to deliver superior video production services to the greater Salt Lake City area and anywhere else on the planet. We believe that film and video production is collaboration between ideas, talent, and resources to produce a visually appealing and beautiful final product.

For many, perhaps video production is a matter of pointing a camera at a person, object, or event and pressing “click”. But at a professional and artistic level, it is actually something far greater than a point and click mentality. Everything from equipment selection to lighting to color and shape to setting, background and making an accurate depiction of the landscape, scene or event go in to proper video production. After the initial footage is shot, there is an entire other process that begins in editing, where the raw footage is turned in to the final product we present to our valued clients. This final product is the alchemy from the combination of all these elements put together in just the right form to produce a brilliant video of any event imaginable.

What Kind of Video Production Services in Salt Lake City Does Lux Nova Offer?

We have worked with a wide range of clients ranging from cinema documentaries, promotional and aerial photography reels to architectural shoots, demos, and racing adventure video solutions. We take pride in all our work and only want happy clients who have videos produced with such quality and expert attention to detail with an eye for the creative that they cannot help but tell us how much they love our work. It is the vast range of clientele that we service that has provided us with the experience and expertise to undertake any video production project in Salt Lake City or any location you can dream up and find. If you find a spot, we’ll make sure we get there to do the video production. We like to capture unique people with specific stories in an exceptional way that forever preserves the spirit of the project.

We use only the highest quality film and video production gear, including the RED Epic Dragon 6K, Schneider Xenon FF Les Kit, DJI Ronin Gimbal and the DJI Inspire 1 Quad UAV, amongst others. These camera technologies offer unparalleled clarity and definition to the point where you can capture more than 9X the pixels possible with High Definition. All our of gear is go-ready, user-friendly and top notch in order to capture those inexplicably cool and exciting moments that occur in life. We offer a large selection of gear for our own use in capturing special events and it is also available for rental.

At Lux Nova, our vision is to be forward-thinking and to fuse together all the creative and technical elements required to showcase people, nature, and the nature of people in a way that appeals to the senses and the soul. Reach out at 801.413.8560 or info@luxnovakino.com today!